About Us

Welcome to Rajarshi Gurukul!

Rajarshi Gurukul is dedicated to providing students with an ideal learning environment, where they explore their individual potential and develop their unique talents.Rajarshi Gurukul has carefully enhanced the national curriculum designed by the Curriculum Development Center, as provided by the District Education Board of Nepal. We have adapted this curriculum to balance theoretical and practical knowledge in a way that optimizes each student’s aptitude and learning style. We follow a progressive learning style which is child-centered and highly personalized, where each child actively participates in their own learning. Instead of striving only for academic excellence, we aspire to educate and develop the whole child by considering the future skills the child will need in society. We believe in experiential learning which employs hands-on activities in the learning process.

Our teachers, hand-picked from among the best and brightest teachers that Nepal has to offer, have a deep understanding of academics, child psychology and cognitive, social, and emotional development. They act as guides rather than dictators, allowing the children to become independent, creative and perceptive thinkers and preparing them to step out and face the challenges of the world.

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The vision of Rajarshi Gurukul is to create an encouraging environment where children will be able to recognize and achieve their fullest potential.  At RG, children are valued as individuals with unique talents to contribute to the school, community, and eventually, society at large.  Children who are guided to think with creativity and innovation will view life as a challenge in excellence: they will constantly examine their surroundings for opportunities to make an impact. They will have inquiring and ingenious minds impassioned by research and problem solving.  A positive atmosphere of discipline, respect and tolerance nurtures the socialization skills needed in society for harmony and development.

  • Today’s children need a modern education to equip them to succeed not only in Nepal, but also as global citizens.
  • Rajarshi Gurukul aims to be a leading school providing excellent education in an ever changing world.   Our progressive school will continue to be contemporary as we endeavor to keep our school on the cutting-edge of academics, curriculum, faculty, technology, management and infrastructure.

As proponents of a child-centered education, we do not believe in dictating to our students nor encouraging rote learning and regurgitation. Our teachers, from among the best and brightest teachers that Nepal has to offer, act more as guides along the path of education. We believe in a personal education and accordingly, our class sizes are very small, with only 26 students in a class. Thus, our teachers are able to provide students with the proper time and encouragement they need, especially in younger grades when guidance is most important. The healthy student teacher ratio also means that students have more opportunities for personal interactions with the teachers to develop their inter-personal and communication skills.