A healthy diet is part of helping children grow. Rajarshi Gurukul provides nutritionally balanced meals so that our students are fit and full of energy. Our chefs cook each meal from scratch using the freshest of locally grown produce.   A hearty breakfast in the morning starts off our students’ day, followed by a wholesome lunch and then a snack before they head home. Busy parents no longer have to worry about packing lunches to make sure their child eats well.

Keeping in mind student’s health, we provide our students with mineral water from our own RO plant. Rajarshi Gurukul is a junk food and fizzy drinks free zone, and we do not allow students to bring in any outside food.

We provide breakfast in the morning to start off our students’ day followed by lunch and tea-snacks before they head home. This way, our students are always full of energy with sharp minds and healthy systems. This also means that busy parents will no longer have to worry about packing lunches. We make sure that our students eat well and stay fit.